Vision and Mission

My vision

Everybody has talents and a mission to accomplish. Discovering the talents of each employee and capitalizing on them to generate superior performance makes companies more successful. Catalysing positive human qualities grows the business and the people connected with it.

Who am I and what is my mission?

My profile

After twenty years of experience in two international companies (CNH – FIAT and Bobcat - Doosan) I have embarked on a career as an International Senior Business Coach. I facilitate the finding of the talents in each person and the way to use them to positively impact their happiness and business results.

Certified coach „The Art and Science of Coaching“ by Erickson Coaching International.

Expertise in PCM (The Process Communication Model®) developed for NASA.

“Deep Coaching”, Marilyn Atkinson – Erickson Coaching International.

Working languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish.

My Mission

Today, I join companies to double their sales. How? Unlocking the potential of their human resources. I help managers to discover and maximize their employees´ skills: social strengths, creativity, emotional intelligence and other expertise. I initiate and stimulate co-creation, collaboration and team spirit as the fundamental behaviours for success and the wellbeing of all. By trusting people, I help them to reveal their talents and to make them grow. I invite them to use their talents to the benefit of their company, working on projects defined together with the General Manager as essential to the long term success of the company.


Our joint 7 steps mission to increase your business results (in a 2 months period)

  • Establishment of goals with management
  • Personal interviews
  • Kick-off workshop (whole team)
  • Follow-up on personal action plans
  • Topic-workshops (part of the team)
  • Mid-term workshop (whole team)
  • Final evaluation (whole team)

Creativity Program: 3 Days to open the way to attract customers / employees

  • Personal interviews to discover the centre of interest of customers / employees
  • Awareness of personal differences (everybody is unique with his own talent)
  • Allow and encourage employees to liberate their creativity and elaborate possible solutions together

Outstanding show events

Shows are the best marketing tool to feed and strengthen customer relationships and start building loyalty with the company. Laurent and his team can give you valuable inputs from their extensive experience with event management and coordinate the organization of your event.

Conference Opera

Interactive Conference Opera inspire employees to maximize their contribution to business goals while increasing loyalty. Get a taste of Laurent’s method. After having experimented with these methods successfully in international groups, he wants to share and extend his experience to other industries, to your industry. People often complain of not being able to see the results of their work and forget about their goals. Recognizing their talents and showing how their unique talents make a difference engages them and giving them opportunities to express themselves will lead to better overall results.
Title: “How to make our jobs more exciting while increasing business”

Croissant meeting

Taste Laurent’s method and croissants in your company. The breakfast gathers people from different departments to share their daily challenges and achievements around the current issue. He catalyzes people to work together as a strong team using an outside, neutral and global view to obtain better results. Number of participants: 5 to 8


Laurent Laval

For more than 20 years, Laurent has managed several multinational teams delivering excellent results. He gained leadership experience in sales, marketing and team development. His empathy with co-workers, passion and cooperation with the managerial team, bring ´out of the box´ solutions that bolster the business. It is all about finding what is exceptional in each of your staff-members. Laurent combines talent management activities, with strategic business goals to bring added value to the cooperation. What results can you expect while working with Laurent? You can expect a new start with your team and double your sales thanks to your team members´ talents. Laurent commits on results!


Jiří Beran


Aliaksei Labeika

Marketing and Communication

Halka Balacková

Coach PCC

Miroslava Časarová

Opera singer, moderator of events


Evžen Zdeněk

Commercial director; Metal Trade Comax trading with Hysco & Marcegagla. Member of the board of Sevapharma,

Michaela Neumannová

Over 6 years working for international company operating in Human Resources, currently in the role of HR Business Partner, designing and implementing effective HR solutions

Jean-Pierre BECARD

Professional experience in the field of finance, working for international banks Regional responsibility LCL ‬Paris Area, France Banking

Bertrand Bourdon

IT Project leader at Sopra Steria

Terreno Lorenzo

Senior leader with extensive experience in the automotive segment: Vice President at Volvo and previously Vice President Product Governance at Case New Holland (Fiat Group)

Jean-Marc Perrier

Senior leader with extensive experience in the automotive segment, dealer development and specialized in company fusion and acquisition Associated Partner at Gouvernance & Valeurs, Groupe WillBe Expert in Fusion/Acquisition (M&A) and Finance. CEO CNH China (Fiat Group) CEO CNH France (Fiat Group)


If you want to find out, how to maximize the potential of your resources to achieve exceptional results, let us know and we will start a joint mission to discover and polish the inner diamond inside of your employees

Laurent Laval

Polská 1751/56, 12000 Prague 2 – Vinohrady – Czech Republic
Chaussée de St Job 245, 1180 Brussels - Belgium
Mobil +420 773 531 858

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